Live and Work in Bennington, VT

Bennington is "Vermont's First Town", the first town chartered in the state. Wile definitely a rural place, with a population under 10,000, however it is centrally located within driving distance of cities such as Albany, Boston, and New York. There are an abundance of great schools, multiple playgrounds, and a beautiful park making it a great place to raise a family.  


Hildt Aviation Bennington

VermontBeginsHere calls Bennington "Rich in culture. Steeped in history.  Abounding with outdoor recreation." They describe everything you ever wanted to know about a town and more, from events to recreation and so much more.

Check out the Bennington Town Website and Regional Chamber site for more information about local attractions, community work, and businesses.

Your complete aircraft maintenance solution based at KDDH in Bennington, VT

​ AOG service (866) 649-5296    |    Flat rate annual inspections

Current job listings for Hildt Aviation:

A&P Mechanic

Temporary/Traveling Mechanics 2-6 month terms. Lodging & Vehicle provided.

  • Job Description: Perform Annual Inspections, Oil Changes, Engine Removal & Installations, Cylinder Changes, Troubleshoot Electrical & Aircraft Systems, Aircraft Control Rigging, Landing Gear Rigging, Sheet Metal Repairs & STC Modifications. 
  • Job Requirements: Minimum 1 years as a General Aviation certified  FAA A&P mechanic. 
  • Pay Range: Hourly TBD
  • Travel: None